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Facial treats, bespoke skincare

These last few weeks have been frantic, lots of bespoke orders! As I’m off to Berlin tomorrow, this is a quick post just to show you my latest creations.

My clients trust me well… Often they ask me to put a gift box together for XX amount – and it’s up to me to come up with the contents!

Most of the ingredients I use are organic and fairtrade. I always chose the right oils for your skin type and season. Hydrolats (water by-product of essential oil distillation) are used rather than just water (‘aqua’). Essential oils are only added if needed, as we’re overloaded with fragrances and perfume far too much on a daily basis.

So, this time, here is what I made (two sets, 1x sensitive & dry skin, 1x oily skin):

Surprise, surprise

– Cream cleanser, packed with nourishing & cleansing oils to remove even make-up; use with organic muslin cloth

– ‘Traditional’ moisturiser for dry & sensitive skin (with gorgeous plum kernel oil that smells like heaven!), or gel moisturiser (very light, ideal for summer) for oily skin

– Night serum with organic rosehip & meadowfoam oils

– Body butter scented with rose or tuberose wax.

So, would you trust me too?! 😉 Please drop me an email if you’re interested in my bespoke service:

To find out more about my bespoke service, please visit:



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Want a skin care product made for yourself only and nobody else?

Well then, BESPOKE is the way to go!

I’ve been working behind the scenes to revamp my website, and whilst gathering opinions and expert advice on dos and don’ts, I realised quite a lot of people think when I’m talking bespoke skin care, I mean wholesale – which is something I don’t do.

Ok, so how do bespoke skin care orders work?

According to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, ‘Pharmacy compounding is the customized preparation of a medicine that is not otherwise commercially available.’  So, the main advantage of using a compounding medicine is to customise it for you according to your needs and requirements.

Compounding medicine is an ancient tradition. It works so well and patients are so satisfied with the results (and benefits) that, in Brazil, where I come from, compounding pharmacies have become increasingly popular.

Although my products are not medicinal, my bespoke skin care products are developed under similar principles to compounding medicine.  It’s not an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, it has to be made – for you.

Deo Balms for Sharon

Step by step, basically:

1)   We discuss your requirements,

2)   I come up with a formula,

3)   I send you a quote (we can agree on a sample size product to be made and tested),

4)   You pay, if you agree with the quote and product suggested,

5)   I make it and ship it to you as soon as it’s ready.

Bespoke products are a total challenge and that’s why I enjoy making them so much! When I get it right (and so far, I’ve had 100% approval of my bespoke orders), it’s such a reward…

I recently created a bespoke deodorant balm (picture) for Sharon, with added moisturising properties, and an ‘uplifting fresh citrus smell’ which she loves. She wanted both a big and a small version of the deodorant so that she could keep one in her bag at all times.

I made her a small sample to try before making the ‘full’ order. When asking her for feedback, she wrote: ‘I’m so pleased with it. I would definitely recommend your bespoke service and I think it’s good value for money.’

Not every client is the same, though…  Molly was my first customer for whom I created 3 bespoke soaps.  She wanted something ‘fresh, detoxing and positive’.  When I received her email saying how much she loved the soaps, I asked if I could quote her for a testimonial.  She didn’t reply back and I felt almost uncomfortable, unsure whether she really liked the soaps, agonising over what I could have done wrong.

Well, one day later, I found out!

On the pipeline, bespoke wedding favours – watch this space!

Please drop me an email if you’re interested in my bespoke service:

To find out more about my bespoke service, please visit:

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