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Facial treats, bespoke skincare

These last few weeks have been frantic, lots of bespoke orders! As I’m off to Berlin tomorrow, this is a quick post just to show you my latest creations.

My clients trust me well… Often they ask me to put a gift box together for XX amount – and it’s up to me to come up with the contents!

Most of the ingredients I use are organic and fairtrade. I always chose the right oils for your skin type and season. Hydrolats (water by-product of essential oil distillation) are used rather than just water (‘aqua’). Essential oils are only added if needed, as we’re overloaded with fragrances and perfume far too much on a daily basis.

So, this time, here is what I made (two sets, 1x sensitive & dry skin, 1x oily skin):

Surprise, surprise

– Cream cleanser, packed with nourishing & cleansing oils to remove even make-up; use with organic muslin cloth

– ‘Traditional’ moisturiser for dry & sensitive skin (with gorgeous plum kernel oil that smells like heaven!), or gel moisturiser (very light, ideal for summer) for oily skin

– Night serum with organic rosehip & meadowfoam oils

– Body butter scented with rose or tuberose wax.

So, would you trust me too?! 😉 Please drop me an email if you’re interested in my bespoke service:

To find out more about my bespoke service, please visit:



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Herbal vinegar for hair conditioning

I use this recipe as a hair rinse every time I wash my hair.  Besides leaving my hair with a wonderful scent, it does condition and nourishes it too, and helps balance excess oil.  Benefits will depend though on the choice of herbs and essential oil (EOs) used in your blend.

Fill up a third of a clear, preferably wide-mouth jar with dried herbs of your choice:

– rosemary for stimulating hair growth and strength

– peppermint for balancing excess oil

– thyme and sage if you have grey hairs; they’re also stimulating, but I wouldn’t recommend for blond hair

– lavender for nourishing and wonderful scent

Top up with apple cider vinegar, close it, shake it, and leave in a windowsill or somewhere with lots of sun light.  Shake the bottle at least twice every day for about 2 weeks, and your concentrate should be ready after this period.

I usually keep the herbs in the jar until the vinegar is finished.  I use a funnel and a sieve to pour just the amount I need each time straight in the bottle I’ll take to the shower with me.

How to use it: dilute 1-2 tbsp in 500mL water, and if you want, add 10-20d of EOs of your choice, and use it as a hair rinse on washed hair.  There’s no need to rinse the hair with water, this is a ‘leave-in rinse’ conditioner.  This is for one use, so you can vary the EOs every time!

Many people think vinegar will leave their hair stinking, but in fact, the smell fades off as soon as you towel dry your hair.  Use an old or coloured towel, as the herbal vinegar will stain the towel.  If you add EOs to your mix, that’s really the ‘perfume’ that will stay on your hair.  Believe me, I’ve got compliments from strangers on the streets for ‘how nice your hair smells!’.

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Preparing your skin for the heat wave!

So, it’s the London Marathon weekend, and after almost a week of volcanic ash, now your skin will have to deal with the heat wave that is coming our way!

I’ll share here a few tips for your skin not to shrivel on the next couple of days:

–       Drink plenty of water, fresh juice, iced tea, and eat watery fruits such as watermelon, melon, pears, apples and cherries.

–       Feed your skin with a body cream or oil, as it will help skin to keeps its moisture.

–       Use sunscreen and remember to put it on at least 30 minutes before going in the sun.  For your face, I’d recommend a SPF of at least 30. The sun is the worst culprit for skin ageing; everyone should use sunscreen every single day.

–       Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses!

–       If possible, avoid direct sun light during the hours of 10am to 3pm, when sun radiation is peaking.

–       After sun exposure, take a cool shower and use an aftersun lotion.

–       For your face, try a cooling mask as an extra care.

The best natural ingredients to look for on aftersun quenching products are the ones that have soothing, healing, calming and cooling properties.  Many of these ingredients will also be anti-inflammatory and moisturising, so they will help reduce redness and dryness in cases of over exposure to the sun.

These are the natural ingredients you most want listed in the label of your sun care products:

–        Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis)

–       Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

–       Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

–       Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

–       Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Remember: always check the label!

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Welcome to Skin Bistro

Soon I’ll start writing about really natural skin care products and cosmetics.  There will be simple recipes to try yourself and loads of information on what natural really means!

I’ll keep you posted! ;-D

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