Bespoke and natural

Lots of brands out there say that they are natural when in fact they have minimum percentages of natural (usually from plants) components in the formula.

Do the test yourself: start reading product labels. You’ll be amazed how much stuff is chucked in your products of every day use. Things that you have no idea of, others that you might not even be able to pronounce!

The trick is: the ingredients have to be listed in descending order: the most abundant first, up to the least present, in the product you’re buying. The plant names, for example, will usually have their common name and the botanical name in brackets, e.g., rose (Rosa damascena) oil.

If you have a look at the label on the left, it has the Aromatherapy Trade Council and Vegan stamps on it. A closer look will reveal that, although there are 2 essential oils in the formula and the product is vegan, many nasties, such as DEA, SLS, PEGs, EDTA, etc are also present!  Of course these are the small prints…

You may want to have a look at the Safe Cosmetics Campaign website ( for more information on the chemicals that go in the products you use.

Have fun!


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