Re-use, recycle and packaging hiccups

You need to be a bit creative, resourceful and crafty to re-use and recycle and still produce an aesthetically pleasing result, but it can be extremely rewarding to do so!
Sourcing cosmetic packaging, specially for soaps, can be quite a daunting and frustrating task for the small scale producer. It’s hard to find exactly what you want, in quantities you can afford and stock. Trying to be an environmentally friendly, green business just makes options even more restrictive.
In my quest to improve my soap ‘presentation’, and trying to be all green and eco-conscious, so I was quite delighted when I came up with this!

Upcycled castile soap packaging

Upcycled castile soap packaging

The purple tissue paper was the only thing I had bought.
The strip around the soap is recycled wall paper sample from a catalog which was tossed away (there are loads of décor shops in Chiswick, I keep an eye on their rubbish!).

Recycled wall paper sample catalog for packaging

Recycled wall paper sample catalog for packaging

The dried flowers are re-used from a bunch I got from friends who came to stay over New Year’s.

Re-used dried flowers

Re-used dried flowers

It was a bit of a stretch to my creativity (believe me, I usually suck on it!), but I’ve been reading a lot of craft websites and blogs where I got some inspiration from. I even joined Pinterest recently to get new ideas and help me with this packaging malarky. (If you want to check it out, this is the link to my packaging inspiration board, you’ll see I have a long way to go!)

For once, I’m really pleased with the result, and very happy to be reducing the amount of rubbish I put out every week.
And just to show you the organic castile facial bar soap inside…

Organic castile soap facial bar

Organic castile soap facial bar

And you, what do you think?



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2 responses to “Re-use, recycle and packaging hiccups

  1. That actually looks lush and such a pretty colour.

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