Don’t get caught by the winter bugs

Although I’ve joined Twitter a while ago, only recently I became more (inter)active on this social media platform.  Working from home can be quite a solitary task, so Twitter kind of fill in the space of office chit-chat – and I am completely hooked now!

Just like in a real office, lots of tweets over the past few weeks talked about cold, flu, sore throats and other undesirable symptoms caused by nasty winter bugs.  Here’s some of the advice and information I shared on Twitter… And a little more!

1) Eat healthily, making sure you include lots of citrus fruits and berries as well as green vegetables and garlic in your diet.  These are source of vitamins A and C, and zinc, all of which boost the immune system.

2) Wash your hands regularly. In public places, like the tube, try not to touch anything and steer clear from the sneezing and coughing types. I always pull my scarf up to my nose when I go on public transport.  If you touch things, do not touch your mouth or nose until you have washed your hands.

3) Echinacea – particularly, I don’t take it, but if you do, have a preventative course for no longer than 8 weeks.  If you take medication for health problems, make sure to tell your GP you’re taking Echinacea as it does interact with certain types of medication.

If all these fail and you end up catching a nasty cold or flu:

– Make sure you drink plenty of water; tea helps too, especially if add fresh ginger, lime and honey.

– Wash your hands everytime you blow your nose, otherwise, you’ll re-infect yourself!

– Essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, niaouli, cajeput, ravensara and thyme all help to fight infection and clear the airways. Remember essential oils are powerful plant extracts that have to be diluted in vegetable oil (cold pressed olive oil from the kitchen cupboard will do!).  Use as a chest and back rub.

– For sore throats, propolis (spray or tincture) is a widely known and scientifically accepted antimicrobial agent.  Make sure you buy a good quality one.

Since I’ve started working from home two winters ago, I’ve been winter bug-free. I do miss the office gatherings, but I don’t miss the colds!


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