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New soaps on the block

I’ve been very busy today.  There was creation in the morning, some label revamping right on time for the photo shoot to follow… Ah, and a vegetable lasagne in between washed down with one of my favourite wines – organic tempranillo from Santa Julia, Argentina.

I’ve created some brand new soaps:

– flower bud: delicate enough to use on the face; pink clay creates a marble effect; the flowery scent brings spring back to life!

– face scrub: for oily skin, it works like a solid, soapy scrub; it contains green clay and cupuaçu grains for extra cleansing and smoothness.

– scrub bar: a citrus, pungent blend to keep circulation going while gently sloughing off the last bits of summer tan…

– wedding favours: these little pink hearts are cute enough to be considered as such, huh?

Here are some pics of the show – I loved them, and you?


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Simple balm to use after waxing or plucking hair

I make this soothing balm in small batches for myself and use it after waxing or plucking hair.


20g of apricot kernel oil

2.5g of cocoa butter

2.5g beeswax

to a small glass or stainless steel container and melt the mix using a double boiler method.  It’ll be quick, so as soon as it’s all melted, take the container ouf of the heat source.  Pour into a small glass jar. Don’t screw the lid on just yet.

Soothing balm

Prepare your essential oil blend in another small glass or stainless steel container, mixing together:

10 drops of lavender essential oil

5 drops of German chamomile.

Get your melted mix and stir gently to cool it down.  The colour and consistency will begin to change once it’s starting to cool.

As the mix starts to solidify, add your essential oil blend, mixing well.  Leave it to cool completely, and harden, before you close the jar.  This will eliminate condensation inside the jar. You may also put the jar inside the fridge to cool it quicker.

After waxing legs, or plucking eyebrows, I rub an ice cube made of strong chamomile tea all over the affected area, and then apply this balm.  It works a treat!

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