Herbal vinegar for hair conditioning

I use this recipe as a hair rinse every time I wash my hair.  Besides leaving my hair with a wonderful scent, it does condition and nourishes it too, and helps balance excess oil.  Benefits will depend though on the choice of herbs and essential oil (EOs) used in your blend.

Fill up a third of a clear, preferably wide-mouth jar with dried herbs of your choice:

– rosemary for stimulating hair growth and strength

– peppermint for balancing excess oil

– thyme and sage if you have grey hairs; they’re also stimulating, but I wouldn’t recommend for blond hair

– lavender for nourishing and wonderful scent

Top up with apple cider vinegar, close it, shake it, and leave in a windowsill or somewhere with lots of sun light.  Shake the bottle at least twice every day for about 2 weeks, and your concentrate should be ready after this period.

I usually keep the herbs in the jar until the vinegar is finished.  I use a funnel and a sieve to pour just the amount I need each time straight in the bottle I’ll take to the shower with me.

How to use it: dilute 1-2 tbsp in 500mL water, and if you want, add 10-20d of EOs of your choice, and use it as a hair rinse on washed hair.  There’s no need to rinse the hair with water, this is a ‘leave-in rinse’ conditioner.  This is for one use, so you can vary the EOs every time!

Many people think vinegar will leave their hair stinking, but in fact, the smell fades off as soon as you towel dry your hair.  Use an old or coloured towel, as the herbal vinegar will stain the towel.  If you add EOs to your mix, that’s really the ‘perfume’ that will stay on your hair.  Believe me, I’ve got compliments from strangers on the streets for ‘how nice your hair smells!’.


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