Few tips to deal with summer heat

How hot has it been these last few days? As a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, I love it… Just wished London was by the sea! 😉

Yeah, we all know about drinking plenty of water, using sunscreen, not being in direct sun between 10am-4pm, eating light food.  But what can you do to cool down yourself and your skin when you feel like a roasting potato???

During summer in Rio, temperatures of 40oC are common and it doesn’t mean that, just because you were born there, you cope well with it.  You do, however, develop many strategies not to faint again next time the bus you’re in gets stuck in traffic inside a tunnel!

Peppermint is a key ingredient on hot days because it’s cooling, astringent and helps controlling oiliness, so it tackles lots of things at once!  It is very easy to grow too, and it thrives even in a small pot on your windowsill – and it’ll fragrance the room with its uplifting smell!

My healthy peppermint pot

My healthy peppermint pot

The simplest recipe: make a strong peppermint tea, put in a spray bottle and keep it in the freezer.  Remember to shove it in your bag when you’re going out and spray all over face and body every time you feel hot.  Remember this will keep for three days max, so make some ice cubes too (you’ll see why below).  If you use a toner (which everyone should, but it’s not the most popular product amongst the English), stick in the fridge so that it’s always cool when you use it – it’ll give your toner that extra kick to tighten pores!

The hottest areas of your body: pulse, arm/forearm fold, behind the knee, and in between the breasts – the ‘sites’ where you put perfume on, as the heat of these body parts will help release the scent.

So, next time you feel really hot, focus on these parts.  If you’re home, get a peppermint ice cube from your frozen tea stock and ‘rub’ in these areas.  If you’re out, go to the nearest toilet and get your wrists under cold running water.  The relief is immediate.

Blending peppermint essential oil to your body lotion/cream/aloe vera gel/shampoo: a few drops of peppermint essential oil in your toiletries will make your skin feel really cool.  Peppermint gives a ‘cold’ sensation when applied to the skin, just remember not to overdo it because essential oils are very strong and potent chemicals.

It seems the hot weather is here to stay, at least for a while, so get ready to ‘endure’ it!



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