Introducing the concept of personalised skin care

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Today is a very special one – Victoria Regia Bespoke Cosmetics is featuring on April’s issue of Vogue UK. After years of hard work building up my business, I have now to try and explain to a greater audience what bespoke skin care is all about.

Personalised medicine’ is not a new trend in fashion. In fact, it’s an old topic of much debate nowadays, a concept that takes into account the inherited (genetic) make-up of each of us.Compounding pharmacy’ is the term used to describe the making of personalised drug formulas for individuals with “unique health care needs that off-the-shelf prescription medications cannot meet.”, as stated by the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists.

Because we believe every human being is unique, Victoria Regia Bespoke Cosmetics brings two ancient arts together to provide the best in natural skin care. We’ve integrated the knowledge of herbal medicine with that of pharmaceutical compounding to create individual preparations for each of our clients. You will not find an “off-the-shelf” product here.

As our products are made to order and tailored to your skin type and condition, they will be free from preservatives and will have a short shelf life. We inspire you to think about cosmetics in the same way as you think about food – therefore, your products will be the freshest and most nutritional to your skin as they can be. Only plants and their derivatives (essential oils, plant extracts, dried herbs), inorganic minerals (clays, salts, colours) and natural substances (bee’s or plant/vegan wax, vegetable glycerine) are used.

Besides the cosmetic benefits of having an individually tailored product, the perfume of each preparation invokes a great sense of wellbeing. Whenever possible, we will try and use in the bespoke preparations essential oils that not only benefit your skin, but also balance your emotions. Your preferences in terms of scents will always be taken into account.

Having products formulated for your needs will help your skin become healthier quicker. Once the skin has re-established its normal functions, new products should be formulated to optimise skin condition and take it to perfection! Environmental factors are also taken into account. Wind, rain, sun, heat, salted water, pollution – all these affect your skin, so it is important to protect and care for it accordingly.

Due to the nature of this personal level of care, a consultation is necessary for assessing the client’s needs and prescribing the formula(s). Don’t let this put you off though – once you try your formulas and see the results, you will never want to just grab a ‘generic’ product from the shelves again!

You can also take the opportunity to enjoy one of our bespoke aromatherapy or Tsuboki facial treatments and take your bespoke experience to the next level – the kind of treat you will never forget!


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